Résumé of the Beliefs on which
The Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation is Based

The Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation believes it is has consistently 'preached the gospel'Christ preached and commanded His followers to pass on; it has shared -- gratis -- with all whohave shown interest in its work, its understanding about Christ's healing methods. This papersets out the rationale underlying its constitution and its efforts.

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The principal thing to be accepted is that we should adopt a thoroughly positive view ofChrist's teaching. We should put another gloss on the idea that He came [to earth] to save usfrom our sins, and that He took our sins upon Himself. We should recollect that He accused thespiritual leaders of His day of concealing spiritual knowledge and throwing away the key. That is:far from being condemnatory of the man in the street, He had every sympathy with him. Weshould square up to the fact that today's spiritual leaders have little in common with the ordinarymembers of the Early Christian Church. Today's church does not preach-and-heal as theordinary run of the Early Christians did, providing food for the soul and relief from thoseoutcomes of The Fall: disease, disablement and even death. What the Early Christians set out todo was: establish God's Kingdom on Earth: create a Oneness of Heaven and Earth. That whichSt. John the Divine foresaw: Heavenly conditions of existence descending to Earth, rejoicing as abride rejoices as she joins the husband she loves.

The pith and kernel of Christ's teaching was that we should set about establishing God'sKingdom on Earth. And, furthermore, He demonstrated the feasibility of doing so. He showedus the way to throw off the effects of The Fall: the way to reclaim the Perfection which was oursat our Beginning and will be ours again when we have attained The End for which Fallen man hasno choice but to strive.

The 'gospel' of Christ: the good news He preached, was that man is equipped to bringabout this immense change in living conditions. And He not only told us how to set about it, butalso gave demonstration after demonstration that mankind can do it -- such an immense volumeof demonstrations that we are told 'if they should be written every one...the world could notcontain [all] the books that should be written' (John 21:25).

Christians have the following guidance:

which, in St. Matthew's Gospel occupies chapters 5. 6 and 7, outlines Jesus Christ'sphilosophy. It summarises the way we should live our lives. It says we should be 'doersnot [mere] hearers'. Taken all in all, according to the findings of today's most advancedscience, if we were to live as Jesus said we should do, we would effectually lay thefoundations for a Oneness of Heaven and Earth: for the Kingdom of God on Earth. Insum Jesus said: we should aim at being as perfect as God is perfect, and that we can relyon Him to provide us with all we need while we seek to serve Him -- so de facto settingup His Kingdom on Earth.

which opens with acknowledgement of God's holiness and pre-eminence, and immediatelygoes on to pray: 'Thy kingdom come on earth....' That is: we want to live within theframework set up by God.

in which St. Luke records that Jesus said:

The disciples were 'to preach [or teach about, or advocate the setting up of] the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick' (9:2) (this is echoed in: Matt 10: 7-8; Mark 6: 12-13;Luke 10: 9); that, being doers, the disciples 'departed...preaching the gospel and healingeverywhere' (9:6); and that Jesus 'spake unto [lay people who sought him out] of theKingdom of God and healed them ...' (9:11). That is, three times in ten verses we are told'healing' (much of it healing miracles) and 'preaching the gospel' (the good news that theKingdom of God is accessible) are a package.

besides the statements in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke we have, also, theEpistle of James (who was considered to be Jesus Christ's spiritual brother and was theleader of the Early Church):

(a) (2:22) "By works was faith made perfect": you cannot dispense with 'works'. That is:Jesus demonstrated that the Kingdom of God was accessible; i.e. that a state-of-existencein which, for instance, mental Darkness is miraculously transformed into Enlightenment,Grief for others' suffering is transformed into Gladness (as loved ones are miraculouslyrestored to life and health), and one's own Suffering is transformed into incredulous andlasting Joy. He brought Enlightenment to, for example, the man born blind; brought to anend the gnawing hunger of the famished (feeding thousands on more than one occasionfrom His disciples' pitifully small stores of food) and brought to an end the prolonged andhopeless suffering of all the crippled and diseased who presented themselves to Him forhealing. In short: He advocated one thing: the setting up of the Kingdom of God on Earthand He showed that the Kingdom's characteristics (Enlightenment, Gladness, Joy andPlenty) could be translated from Heaven to earth. Those demonstrations, St. James said,gave teeth to Jesus Christ's preaching.

which covered Substance manifesting as mineral, plant, animal and man within fourdimensional Form, and Space, and Time, were, factually, demonstrations that the materialand its placement in Space and Time can be upgraded until they are Perfect and in perfectrelationship with all other.

His miracles also upheld the two Great Commandments (i) love God with ALL

your heart and soul and mind and strength and understanding (thus de facto making Himyour unquestioned spiritual leader or king) and (ii) behave towards your neighbour withthe unremitting and unstinting care, tolerance and hope with which any positive personreacts when misfortune overtakes them. And 'neighbour' is to be understood to signifyeveryone with whom one comes into contact.

He declared that He (Jesus Christ) and Almighty God are a oneness. It was by fact of thatOneness that He could teach mankind about divinity and could do miracles: He, who is"The Word" (the purposeful Sound -- or Energy, or Creative Act: the morphogenic fieldemitted by God) must, quite obviously have "power over all flesh". And He promised:once He (Jesus Christ) had overcome 'the last enemy' -- Death -- and had ascended tothe heavenly Father, He would expand the conduit between Almighty God and His(Christ's) disciples. As a result an aspect of God demonstrably has no connectionwhatsoever with anything which is remotely connected with Fallen terrestrial existencewould enter His disciples' Awareness and Enlighten their minds. This aspect of the Deitywhich had never had any contact whatever with the Fall he describes as the Spirit ofTruth: that from which the element Truth emanates to Enlighten the mind, and in Whoseexistence man can take Comfort. (That which he refused to discuss with the ineffectualRoman governor, Pontius Pilate, and blasphemy against which is, for ever, unforgivable).

* * *


which, being political in nature, the Foundation cannot pursue: 'teach all nations' (N.B. not 'men of all nations'): immerse fusions of men in the essence (this is what was meant atthat time by 'the name') of the Father, Son and the Spirit of Truth and show them howto carry through, into the nation's/congregation's life, all that I (Jesus) have taught you.

Despite being aware of the principles which would make ethics, learning, scienceand technology, the sociopolitical setup, and financial dealings, compatible with the settingup of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, because of the prohibitions (rightly) imposed onregistered Charities the Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation does not elucidate.

(To Peter who was the disciples' leader) to 'feed my lambs' and 'feed my sheep': that is,He who was the incarnation of "The Word" (That which created all things) commandedthe leader of His disciples to nurture both the younger and the older creatures He hadcreated: the earlier and the later creations: the sheep and the lambs. That ties up withwhat Moses says in Genesis: man was created to be God's spiritual representative onearth (Gen 1:26) 'perfect as God is perfect'. Man was created to provide both spiritualnurture and spiritual guardianship to all creation (vide Gen 1:28). He was to be a goodshepherd leading the flock to green pastures and, if necessary, dying in defence of it. (Itshould be remembered that Jesus claimed he had come to bring to fruition ('come tofulfil') The Law of which the Old Testament prophets were promoters and guardians. That is: He endorsed their stance and findings. And therefrom their agreement with thecosmology set out in Genesis by Moses, which includes the creation-of-man and thepurposes he was created to serve).

with Jesus Christ's commandment to his disciples to await empowerment: the descent ofthe 'Holy Spirit': the Spirit of Uprightness and Truth --which took place in the UpperRoom at Pentecost (Acts 2: 1-4) -- and had such an electric effect on the 120 men (plusthe women who had followed Jesus) on whom It descended that: through (a) their newmental stance and outlook and (b) the change in the field they emitted, they had thepotential to change the world from Fallen to Upright. (See "The True Reality"),published by the Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation, which goes into the mechanics whichmake this inevitable; and for the modern scientific findings which uphold this contention,see the Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation's Christmas 1999 Newsletter).

Immediately following the descent of the Holy Spirit St. Peter addressed his fellowJews and all who were living in Jerusalem (Act 2:14). In that pivotal address he quotedthe prophet Joel who stated: God says 'I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh... (St. Paulmakes it plain that this phrase covers every type of living creature): and on my servantsand on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit (Acts 2:18). God, St.Peter said, had shown He approved of Jesus of Nazareth by doing through Him miraclesand wonders and signs... 'He has received from the Father and poured out upon us thepromised Holy Spirit' (Acts 2:33, J.B. Phillips trans.).

-- which is believed to pre-date Matthew, Luke and John -- immediately prior to His Ascension Christ left a final commandment. Addressing the eleven remaining disciples, Hesaid: 'Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature' (16:15). (See St.John's gospel supra: 'feed both My earlier and later creations with spiritual food'). There are: St. Peter's reliance on the Old Testament prophet Joel and St. Luke's accountof John the Baptist's preaching which equated with Isaiah's prophecy that 'all flesh shallsee the salvation of God'. That is: 'All flesh' will be rescued from the disasters whichhave flowed from mankind's Fall from spiritual rectitude.

According to Mark, Christ went on to say that failure to carry out this onecommandment would be disastrous. He added that 'signs' would 'follow' in the wake ofthose who obeyed it: 'they [will] cast out devils [resolve psychic disorders: hallucinationsand schizophrenias] they [will] speak with new tongues [they will spontaneously speaklanguages other than their own]. They [will handle venomous] snakes [with impunity]and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them. [Because of His spiritualstanding Jesus had proved to be immune to death by crucifixion and His disciples wouldevolve to become immune to the effects of life-threatening interventions of all and anykind], they will lay hands on the sick [by so doing they will transfer their own vibes to thesick: people whose lives are messed up by Dysfunction] and [the sick] will recover'.

And they (the eleven disciples whom He had commanded to 'preach the gospel[everywhere] and to every creature') went forth and preached [shared the knowledgethey had acquired of Divinity and all that it betokens] everywhere. The Lord backed themup [and 'working with them' as God had worked with Him] 'confirmed with signs' (alsoknown as 'works' and/or 'miracles' or 'fruits'). (See 4(a)-(f): St. James on theessentiality of works, and Luke 9:2-11, on the oneness of correct and sound preaching andhealing).

St. Matthew (7:20) states that Jesus said: 'The signs' the disciples were told would followin the wake of those who preached the gospel to every creature were 'fruits' which theywould bring forth as inevitably as a 'good tree brings forth good fruit. By their fruits yeshall know them'. (The most up to date psychology, physics and engineering agree. Seethe Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation's Christmas 1999 Newsletter). That is: healings andenlightenments will result from the interventions of those who do indeed 'preach'[Christ's] gospel to every creature': who share with (or pass on their knowledge and/orwhat they experience of the divine) to every creature. That 'gospel' or good news, is thatat long, long last man is in a position to set up the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

That is: mankind is to pass on to 'every creature under heaven': to all types of creature,the good news that man now knows how to bring Joy, Fulfilment and Plenty to all God'screatures. Elsewhere St. Paul makes it perfectly clear: no matter what their classification:fish, birds, reptiles, the myriad micro flora and fauna of the soil -- in fact all the macro,medial and micro living beings which have been imbued with Life courtesy of The Word ofGod -- are to be made aware that a oneness of heaven and earth can now be inaugurated-- by man. In light of modern man's knowledge that statement covers every integer:every particle, atom, molecule, cell and system. St. Paul is perfectly clear: all things werecreated by God and for Him, no matter whether those things manifest within grossphysical matter or systems: whether they be visible, or whether they be invisible, whetherthey be thrones, or dominions, or principalities or powers (here he is echoing what St.Matthew says Jesus said: preach the gospel to all nations: all realms, all states and/or citystates, all tribal systems, all councils). Thrones, principalities and nations were creatednot only courtesy of Him, but also FOR Him (Col 1:16). Supra (7)). St. Paul goes on: 'Ireckon that our present sufferings are nothing by comparison with the glory which shallbe revealed in us' (Rom 8:18): our present sufferings (on the physical and the civic levels)will fade to nothingness when they are compared with the results which will accrue fromthe morphogenic field which will emanate from the divinity at our centre.

St. Paul refers also to an experience vouchsafed to him of conditions which exist inthe virtually inaccessible Universal Unconscious Mind (the existence of which wasestablished by C. G. Jung): 'the whole creation is standing on tiptoe', he says, 'strainingto catch the very first glimpse of the manifestation of the Sons-of-God. For all creationknows it will share in the glorious liberty which will accompany man's assumption of hisSonship and the consequent redemption of his (physical) body' (Rom 8:19 and 23). Which insight echoes St. Mark's: Jesus Christ declared His disciples will evolve to becomeimmune to the effects of The Fall's life-threatening (and/or diminishing) interventions(supra (10)) and that all creation is to share in the transformation from Fallen to Upright:from the diseased and disfigured to the absolutely perfect.

with greetings and an outline of the concept of reality, and of the hope, which he and theyshare. Which, he says, those to whom he is writing regularly pass on to 'every creaturewhich is under heaven'. Exactly how they did this we do not know, but we do know thatthe Spirit of Truth was very active in all member of the Early Church. It entails, St. Paulsays, the application of a very special technique which men have sought down the ages butwhich Jesus Christ disclosed to His 'saints'. Viz: How to transfer the qualities of theDivine Core at the centre of every created thing to all and every integer (whether formedof energy or substance) on every level of sub-divine existence.

This is another angle on the teaching in St. John's gospel: 'All things were madeby [The Word] and all contain [It], (John 1:3). That statement was exactly what theancient Egyptians held (possibly even prior to 50.000BC) and echoes what St. Paul wroteto the Hebrews: Viz: He [The-Word-of-God: a purposeful sound or energy issuing fromGod] made the worlds -- by which (as is clear from Colossians 1:20) St. Paul means alllevels of existence. By extrapolation: all levels of existence are based on an accessibleDivine Core which is synonymous with The Word of God.

There we have the essential fact concerning the good news which is to be sharedwith every creature which is under heaven: every living thing has an accessible core whichis wholly divine and (as in a hologram) that accessible Divine Core exists within everycomponent part (subatomic particle, atom, molecule, cell system -- whether that systembe a physical body, a social system, or the system by means of which nations co-operateinternationally). All the levels and functions of Substance: body, soul and spirit & brain,emotions and mind, must be subject to the indwelling Divine Core (which all Substancemust have if the findings of Professor Jahn of Princetown University and those of theConsciousness Research Laboratory (University of Nevada) are valid. Sixty years ofexperiments "have produced persuasive, consistent, replicated evidence that [man's]mental intention is associated with the behaviour of physical phenomena". That is, thecause of global violence and all disease, disfigurement and death may be caused by thechaotic, malevolent thoughts of large numbers of people around the world. Which is tosay: our minds are linked to the biosphere of the planet and to the cosmos that lies beyondit. There can no longer be any doubt that those findings give a correct picture of reality,which is -- by and large-- common to both Christianity and advanced modern science.

The above guidelines from the New Testament and their corollary: it is possible tomove towards establishing the Ideal throughout terrestrial existence, is the messagecontained in all the Foundation's Newsletters, leaflets and booklets -- and (as was thecase with Christ's miracles) the 'signs' that this is a real possibility are supplied by VitaFons II: preparations encoded with a numinous energy that is as homophonic with TheWord as has been given to Elizabeth Bellhouse to share and distribute in furtherance ofgrounding this possibility. Preparations which have brought health and healing to tens ofthousands, most of whom despaired of any worthwhile relief.

The Foundation constantly reminds those interested in its work that Vita Fons II isso-called because the energy encoded in the preparations helps man to become thesecondary fount of Life he should be.

The one and only effect any of the preparations has is: it improve the interfacebetween the creature's spirit and the Divine Core on which its existence as adivine-cum-terrestrial being is based. This is declared again and again throughout all thewritten material the Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation (or its subsidiary, Vita Fons IILimited) issue.

In Conclusion:

The Foundation believes it has consistently 'preached the gospel' Christ preached andcommanded His followers to pass on. And furthermore that it has been empowered to follow thatup with the other half of the package: 'healings' on the levels of body, soul and spirit & brain,emotions and mind, and within the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms of nature (all ofthem consisting of Substance which Life -- which issues from The Word --has assumed).

Having regard to Christ's preoccupation with establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth-- that is, bringing into clear focus within all types, layers and aspects of terrestrial beings andsystems, the divinity which is their paramount aspect -- there is a massive quantity of evidence tothe effect that in the Vita Fons II preparations are equally telling whether that effect be manifest inand through the medium of mineral, plant, animal or man. Because results in all four kingdoms ofnature can be demonstrated they are very telling indeed. The Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation hasdone, and continues to bring Joy, Fulfilment and Plenty to every type of creature under heaven.

* * *

There can be no question: the Foundation has gone into all the world and preached thegospel with signs following. It has promoted research and published its finding. And, as Christdid, has set disabilities, etc., in a developmental not a medical context.

Insofar as human understanding of the content of the New Testament, and Christ'steaching, goes it has carried out its remit in full and in depth.

By means of the one very complex energy it distributes the Foundation seeks to promotethe spiritual evolution of every terrestrial-cum-divine integer, whether it be (i) particle or (ii)what can be recognised as an elaborate (evolved) body or (iii) a disembodied element on the levelof (a) soul or (b) spirit or (c) emotion or (d) mind.

According to the most up-to-date findings of psychology, physics and engineering and thepith and kernel of Christ's teaching the Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation's work demonstrates thatthe establishment of God's Kingdom on Earth is both essential to the continuance of Life onplanet Earth, and feasible.

Being the sort of person He was, Jesus Christ -- who believed in the sheer goodness ofthe man in the street -- would hardly have challenged us to do something beyond ourcompetence. The Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation's work shows He believed in us -- even hadimmense respect for the ordinary person.

Vita Fons II
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